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Tree of Savior F2P Launch Delayed

Tree of Savior F2P Launch Delayed

IMC Games has announced two major changes after some economy concerns in the early access period for its MMORPG, Tree of Savior.

Due to differences in regional pricing, some players were able to purchase the Founder’s Pack at a lower price and sell the earned TP to obtain silver, giving them an advantage over non-discounted regions (like North America). IMC Games has worked with Steam to change the pricing so that it is fair and even for all players.

To deal with the sudden price increase in some regions, IMC Games will open a new South American server. The differential pricing will be applied to the South American and South East Asian servers after the game transitions to F2P, and will block players from being able to trade tokens with North American and European servers to ensure fairness. DLC products will also be discounted to 50%.

Because of these changes, Tree of Savior’s F2P transition has been pushed back. No exact date has been given, but IMC Games has stated that they “expect the transition to F2P to happen sometime early to mid-May.”

Full details on these changes can be found on the blog post.

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