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Trails of Ascension: Big Update Coming Soon

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Trails of Asension

The ToA team has been extremely busy testing their upcoming demo for about a month now. Just over a month ago, they invited our champions, heroes and legends to join us in our first-ever test. They had over 20 people plus staff running around hacking on each other and exploring the small but beautiful area they’ve built. They’re about a week away from the next much larger test, which will include a ton of new functionality, including

  1. Account Creation: Now testers will create an account that will persist through their various log ins. This of course also means log in validation has been implemented.
  2. Network Tests: During our first test, we had about 25 people logged in from around the globe.
  3. Naming: Our naming system has been implemented. You can now name others whatever you want and it will be remembered.
  4. Combat Enhancements: Combat continues to get improved with more precise collision detection, improved animations, etc. If you don’t know, ToA combat allows you to equip a weapon or shield in each hand in any combination and you control those hands individually. It’s an incredibly fun system that allows you to adopt the fighting style that suits you best.
  5. Unarmed Combat: No longer do you need weapons to smite your enemy! Drop steel and use good old fashioned fist-to-face tactics!

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