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Towns unveiled for Golden Age

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Aeria Games has released new information about the town system in Golden Age, its upcoming browser-based MMO, along with new screenshots.

Towns in Golden Age will be designed like side-scrolling RPGs, featured in widescreen and explorable at any time when players are not managing their castles. Each will have three unique areas, and let players meet other players, add friends, customize avatars, complete quests from NPCs, and complete other business including trading and enhancing equipment.

Aeria Games also publishes Eden Eternal and Call of Gods.


SANTA CLARA, Calif.  – Aug 19, 2011 – Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games, today released new details about Golden Age, its upcoming browser-based Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game. Golden Age, like all browser-based titles at Aeria Games, is free to play and won’t require a download.

Golden Age’s side scrolling RPG-style town is displayed in beautiful, widescreen graphics and allows players to traverse three unique areas by using a point-and-click method to control their character.  While not growing and maintaining resources in a robust castle management system, Golden Age players can explore the unique RPG-style town where they can interact with other players and NPCs.

Golden Age’s RPG-style town allows players to:

  • Meet New Players – View stats, add friends, and chat with any players you meet in the town setting.  Customize your avatar appearance with various armor and gear.
  • Complete Thousands of Quests – Interact with an assortment of NPCs to learn the tumultuous history behind Golden Land. Take on important tasks to gain experience and level up your lord.
  • Conduct Castle Business – You’ll also find helpful NPCs who can assist you in buying or selling items, strengthening equipment, and a variety of other tasks vital to building your impenetrable fortress.

Golden Age is a persistent browser-based game created by China-based game developers Giant Interactive Group. Golden Age is exclusively licensed to Aeria Games and is coming soon to players in North America and Latin America. Visit the website to sign up for Closed Beta:

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