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Total War: Warhammer Available to Play at PAX East

Total War: Warhammer Available to Play at PAX East

SEGA® Europe Ltd. is announcing to its fans and followers to get their bags packed and head to PAX East taking place in Beantown (Boston), April 22-24, 2016 as SEGA® and Creative Assembly will be offering public hands-on opportunities with two new extraordinary Quest Battles for the soon to be launching Total War™: WARHAMMER®.

The game will be playable at booth #8109, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10AM – 6PM. The booth will also be outfitted with key team members from Creative Assembly aiding you in, hopefully, victorious combat. They will also be giving presentations showing exclusive new campaign and battle content, along with daily live contests offering fans the chance to play live on stage and win some fantastic prizes.

The playable battles will be:

  • ‘The Amulet of Sea Gold’ – Balthazar Gelt, Supreme Patriarch of the Colleges of Magic, leads his men beneath the rough stone lintel of the ancient barrow mound. He feels the shadows crowd in upon him. Creeping despair writhes the hearts of the warriors as they descend. While this is not necessarily an evil place, it is a place of death; the spirits within resent the presence of the living. Gelt has fought the Undead before; he looks to the men, demands valor and then begins to channel the Winds of Magic.
  • ‘Sword of Unholy Power’ – In the south of the Badlands at the southern edge of the Old World lies a bleak desert and piercing up into the sky is the Pillar of Bone, an ancient arcane fulcrum revered by the Greenskins who live near it. A massive Greenskin slaughter has transpired near this sacred place providing the right condition for the Undead Count to bind the necromantic energy into an artefact. However, he must destroy this Goblin Shaman and his underlings before any Greenskin reinforcements arrive!
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