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Three new Shadow Missions for Mabinogi

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Three new shadow missions will be coming to Mabinogi soon, and Nexon has posted a preview of what will be in store.

“Offering” pits players against Fomor alchemists, who must be defeated within the area of a glyph on the ground which grows increasingly smaller. In “Provocation,” three players will face several rounds of fighting in a gladiator death-match. The final shadow mission requires both combat and synthesis skills in order to synthesize two Stablized Shadow Crystals.


The Fomor army of the Shadow Realm is constantly crafting new strategies to invade Erinn. In the latest update to Mabinogi Alchemist, you and your friends will face three new shadow missions that will test your skill, speed, and precision!

In the first of the new shadow missions, you will be venturing to the town square of Shadow Taillteann to complete the “Offering” shadow mission. Fomor alchemists have created a glyph to sacrifice their enemies, and Andras wants to defeat them in their own game. To complete this shadow mission, you must forcefully attack the Fomors into the radius of the glyph. As you progress, the glyph will become increasingly smaller, so you will need to be more precise and strategic with your attacks. But don’t spend too much time preparing each shot—Fomors will still be flooding in to attack!

The next shadow mission is the “Provocation” mission. This gladiator-style deathmatch will require you to enlist two other friends. You and your party will be enclosed by a circle of sharp wooden spikes, and a Fomor commander will activate an orb in the middle of the circle to send his forces after you. You’ll even be forced to take on an opponent solo! Once you’ve endured twelve to thirteen rounds of fighting, you will actually face the fierce Fomor Commander himself.

The last new shadow mission involves Dorren the Master Alchemist. She requests that you synthesize two Stabilized Shadow Crystals using a Fomor dry oven located at the center of Shadow Taillteann. But there’s a catch—you’ll need to fight Fomors to obtain the special ingredients required to forge the stabilized crystals. Reagents aren’t always dropped with each kill, so you’ll need to be persistent. There’s also a chance that you might fail the Synthesis process. In order to complete this mission, you’ll need combat and synthesis skills combined with just a bit of luck!

These new Shadow Missions offer great challenge and fun, so look for them in the new Mabinogi Alchemist features coming soon!

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