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The Succubus Queen Arrives in Fiesta Online

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A Fiesta GM has made an official announcement that highlights the latest content update. Succubus Karen is entering the world of Isya. Players can find her in the depths of the Thorn Cave. A nearby NPC named Bat Hunter Polan starts off the quest line for all this new content. The enterence to the Thorn Cave is located in the northeast area of Alberstol Ruins.

A whole host of new quests, items, and other small features have also been added. For more information on all the new additions, check out the full release below!

Full Release:

Greetings Fiestans!

This week’s client update brings Succubus Karen into the world of Isya, the inclusion of a brand new event quest, and some additional bug fixes. This will be occurring along with tonight’s maintenance beginning at 10:00PM PDT, with a planned completion of 1:00AM PDT, a total of 3 hours.

Maintenance for this week also involves the preparation of more high level content for players that are 89 and above. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for details.

Succubus Queen Karen

Found within the dark depths of the Thorn Cave comes an enemy yet to be defeated. The indomitable Succubus Queen Karen will find her way to Isya in this patch and she will be all but easy to conquer. The Thorn Cave has been opened in this patch and made available only to those who dare venture inside.

The current available quest for this content will be made available through a single NPC close to the entrance of Thorn Cave named Bat Hunter Polan.

The entrance of the cave can be found in the northeast area of Alberstol Ruins. For story and more details on this release along with our upcoming server contest, please view this post here:


The St. Paddy’s Day quest for Shutian’s Cider will be removed in this patch along with all associated items. The apples collected for this event quest will be REMOVED FROM THE GAME. Please use them as you see fit before they’re removed on the next maintenance date.

With the removal of this quest comes the arrival of the new Easter Quest! This event quest will be available for the next two weeks and can be started by visiting the NPC named Kid Woz in Elderine. Collect those eggs for your own Mini Chick!


The Platinum Crown will be distributed to all players who received a Little King’s Crown prior to the event quest that took place in February. This will be replacing the older crown that was received prior to that date and it will not be tradable or storable.

The set items that drop from the Boss monster in the Tower of Iyzel have now been increased.

The “error code 5916” that players would receive when trying try to interact with furniture within their Estate that has lost all durability has been fixed.


Back, by popular demand! The old icons that you’ve come to appreciate since the release of Fiesta have returned!

Part of the wings from certain premium accessories would sometimes have a small graphical glitch while in Elderine. This issue has been resolved.

An issue that would cause Dark Pixies to switch colors after outline has been turned on and off has been fixed.

The beginner tool tip image has been changed.

An indicator for items has been included in the icon graphic for 7 day premium items.

An issue has been fixed which prevented the scroll function from returning within the quest window when players would click on other quest info.

Included in this patch is a fix that will ensure that when a mouse wheel is used while the cursor is within the chat window, the text will scroll, instead of zooming the field of view in and out.

4 NPCs have been added in Uruga who will, in the near future, provide players with the upcoming new quests available for higher levels. The monsters in Uruga have been relocated to accommodate some of these NPCs.

That’s all for this week! Good luck and happy hunting.

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