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The Secret Worlds Expands to Tokyo

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The Secret Worlds

Funcom is exited to announce that the biggest update ever to ‘The Secret World’ has just been released! Issue #8: The Black Signal introduces a new chapter to the deep main story of the game, many hours of new content, fresh characters, iconic locations and terrible new monsters in the vast, new city of Tokyo.

Players pick up the storyline from Venice and continue on to the Tokyo subway, the place where a terrible weapon was unleashed, before they enter the city itself. They are thrust into the middle of a dangerous quarantine zone filled with corrupted citizens, invading demon mercenaries and renegade droids.

The rising darkness has evolved and improved its defenses. The players can overcome these new obstacles by learning to master the all new AEGIS system, which lets them improve and customize their characters to a greater extent than ever before.

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