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The Repopulation reveals new features and stretch goals

The Repopulation Travel Details

The upcoming sandbox MMO, The Repoplutation, has presented itself today with a handful of new goodies and features, including details on traveling, lore and new stretch goals for their ongoing Kickstarter campaign.

Getting Around in The Repopulation

“Travel comes in many forms in The Repopulation. Travel is important in most MMOs as it can add ease of movement, but making it to easy can make the world feel much smaller. We have a variety of travel options for players to choose from, including Quick Travel, Instant Travel, Vehicles, Pets or On-foot.”

Evening Star – Epilogue

The final portion of the Evening Star story has been posted, with the story weighing in at a whopping 40,660 words.

More stretch goals reached

Lastly, the Kickstarter campaign has reached another stretch goal, and traveling Vendors will become a reality. The development team is now looking ahead to their next stretch goal: Unique Renaming of Items. This is a crafter centric goal.

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Travel Option Feature:

Evening Star – Epilogue:

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