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The Repopulation – End of February 2014 Update

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The Repopulation Feb 2014

The Repopulation is currently in a private alpha test of their ambitious new sandbox MMORPG, and their next alpha test phase is just around the corner. The next alpha test promises a lot of new additions and improvements to the game, including Adversarial Camps, new Missions, new NPCS, changes to the Pet system, Trade Skills, changes to the UI and more.

“The most significant gameplay related addition is Adversarial Camps, which were a stretch goal from our Kickstarter Campaign. These camps will sprout up throughout the world and have a wide variety of customization options so which allows us to generate much of the games content on the fly and help ensure that players do not have a static experience. They typically come with a spawning object which must be destroyed to stop them from spawning. The camps will grow in size and power over time, which makes them tougher to remove, but also creates new boss opportunities ranging up to raid content. These camps will make it easier for us to add new content quickly, and to improve content which already exists.”

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