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The Repopulation – End of July 2014

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The Repopulation

The Repopulation team has released a new blog post detailing all their changes for their upcoming MMO sandbox game, mentioning details including updates to the fitting system, Pharmaceutical injections, updated music system and more.

Adversarial Camps

  1. Adjusted camp growth rates and max sizes throughout the world. In general they will now cover a slightly larger radius, while having less mobs per camp when at maximum size.
    Many new camp spawning locations have been added throughout the world. This includes both in newly added areas, and in pre-existing ones.
    Lesoo camps are now more common in FPR territory.
    Created new Adversarial Camp spawning lists for the new areas around Plymouth.


  1. The bulk of the Music System has been rewritten. It should now fade in and out more fluidly.
    Added five new music tracks from Matthew Shine and Clyde Shorey.
    Music now fades in and out more slowly.
    Added new environmental sounds for Desert and Wasteland areas from Clyde Shorey.
    Added environmental sound effects to the waterfalls in several locations.
    Added support for more areas in the automatic music system.
    Removed the skill up sound. You will still randomly give a skill gain voice over occasionally.
    Corrected some issues with music tracks overlapping.


  1. Players now receive a 12 second immunity to Knockdown after they have been knocked down.
    Stuns and leg injuries have had their effectiveness increased.
    Armor classification is now determined by the total armor absorption value.
    Adjusted the Action Mode combat offset on the camera so it is slightly higher than before. This makes it a bit easier to see around the character.
    Action mode targeting now projects a bit further so it doesn’t hit anything between the player and the camera.
    Near camera clamp for action mode now checks your resolution as at higher resolutions you can come in closer without being obstructed by the character. This should put most resolutions at a clamp near the same spot and make those playing past 1080p better able to use 3rd person action mode.
    Increased Shockgun damage.
    Reduced the damage of Lesoo Flash Bombs.

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