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The Repopulation – April 2014 Report

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The Repopulation

The Repopulation Team has ended off the month of April with many new changes and updates to their upcoming Sandbox MMO, including the introduction of new trade skills, new mounts and the addition of Adversarial Camps.

“The main issues we’ve dealt with so far have been bug related, and were to be expected. We’ve seen quite a few new things that we never expected to happen bug wise, and as you can see from this month’s bug fix notes we’ve been rapidly plugging leaks. We expect next month’s bug fix list to be even larger as it’s our primary focus at the moment. We’ve also received a lot of great feedback and a number of user suggestions will be making their first appearance in-game in next week’s build.

Adversarial Camps received their first real test run in Alpha 3. These were one of our Kickstarter stretch goals, and were introduced in last month. Their numbers vary by player counts though, so the boost in the number of testers has given us our first real look on how they can grow. They wound up growing far more than we anticipated and completely overrunning some areas. We’ve made a number of adjustments to the system to bring it more in line with our vision for it.

We began introducing many new trade skill recipes and improvements in March and this continued through April, and it is clearly indicated in our massive list of Trade Skill changes in the build notes. The crafting system has been well received by testers, who’ve also had some great suggestions to streamline the process and making it easier for new players to grasp which will be making their way into the game soon. We’ve also spent a lot of time on resources, implementing a new system which allows us to tweak the tier and quality ranges when harvesting NPCs on a per NPC basis. This is helping us solve the problem of non-humanoid bosses not dropping worthwhile loot.

We also saw the introduction of the Calprates mount into the game, another of our Kickstarter stretch goals. They were just one of many changes for tamers and other pet users though. Pets now gain Momentum similar to players and NPCs, and some pet abilities can require it. We have capped the total number of pets that anyone can have at any given time at three pets. Each pet will cause a loss of concentration which will reduce your effectiveness at some other activities. This penalty will grow significantly for each additional pet.”

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