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TERA’s ‘Fiery Featherweights’ Update Launches on PC

TERA Fiery Featherweights Update PC splash art

TERA‘s latest update for PC is called ‘Fiery Featherweights’ and is live today. With it comes the new class/race combination – Elin Brawlers. They are led by Lady Tanly, the first Elin to don the brawlers powerfists. The Enhancement Point system also comes with this update, for additional progression beyond the max level characters. After players reach level 65, players gain EP by completing Vanguard Requests and defeating high-level BAMs. Each EP level gained gives players points to improve their characters by upgrading a variety of skills and stats.  For players who are fond of leveling alts, the EP progress is shared between all of their characters on a server, whether they have maxed out or not.

Starting today and running until December 11 all brawlers that reach level 65 will receive rewards to help them prepare to face deadly dungeons and BAM’s, including a set of Twistshard gear, accessories, and a variety of cosmetics, including elin-only costumes, to get them started and customize their unique brawler. The TERA team has also updated the BuddyUp! system to grant improved rewards for both mentors and those who use their BuddyUp! codes. Anyone with a new account and those returning to the game after 30 days are eligible for the codes, so grab a friend and jump back in!

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