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Tap! Captain Star Launches From Nanoo Company on Mobile

Tap Captain Star Release News

Nanoo Company is proud to announce their first game from a Japanese developer (Marumittu). Tap! Captain Star is a space adventure clicker, where the main mission is to explore constellations with your starship. It’s time to save the universe from an evil force with your crew. Tap! Captain Star also differs from traditional clicker games, in that instead of being linear, players can warp to one of the 88 constellations of their choice and has a clean interface that is easy to manage. They also offer some play tips to get people started:

1. First things first, upgrade the Captain’s levels
2. Level up the Captain, Crew and Starship levels in increments of 20. Attack damage doubles for every 20 levels.
3. Always explore constellations. Each time a constellation is saved, all attack damage is increased by 100%
4. Learn new Captain skill with star stones acquired from constellation travels.
5. Upgrade Hyper Cores with warp stones acquired from warping to Earth.
6. Acquire new Starships for faster constellation travel.
7. Collect Gems and buy new Captain and Crew skins to double all attack damage.
8. Unlock power star weapons and maximize the Captain’s battle capability.

Tap! Captain Star is available on iOS and Android.

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