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Tanki Online: Latest update improves game balance

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Tanki Online

AlternativaPlatform has published its 254th update for ‘Tanki Online’. After thorough analysis, extensive testing and community feedback, turret and hull parameters have been adjusted. Players of Tanki Online will now enjoy better player performance regardless of their equipment.

As an example, flame-thrower turret Firebird now deals less damage, but the effect lasts over a longer period of time as an enemy tank continues to burn. The Freeze turret now freezes enemies faster but tanks remain frozen for a shorter time. The goal of these and several other adjustments is to assure that every player can achieve good results in battle, regardless of the turret and the hull being used.

To improve game balancing even further, several items in Tanki Online were adjusted in regards to the number of micro-upgrades (MU) available. From now on, several hulls and turrets will have more MU-levels available while others will have less. These changes will not affect the MUs already purchased and will have no affect on the player’s equipment. Micro-Upgrades will be adjusted at a percentage ratio to the player’s MU-level before the update. If a player ends up between two upgrade-levels, the next highest micro-upgrade will be unlocked.

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