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Tanki Online Introduces Mid-Match Equipment Changes

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In this latest update, AlternativaPlatform has enabled players of the 3D-MMO-browser game Tanki Online to spontaneously change their equipment during battles. The garage setting to modify and optimise their tank is now accessible at any point of the game via a ‘Head-Up Display’ instead of only between matches.

Tanki Online Weapon Swap

AlternativaPlatform has once again implemented feedback from Tanki Online’s community directly into the game and as a result players can now adjust their turret, hull and paint job to suit the current battle situation. All the player has to do is to click a button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Buying new items is now also possible during the game for the first time. When accessing the garage, Tanki Online automatically activates a game pause for the player with a maximum duration of five minutes.

This update’s new features are now available to every Tanki Online player.

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