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Talion Begins Pre-Registration in US and EU

Talion coming to NA and EU

GAMEVIL announced that their 3D open-world MMORPG Talion has begun pre-registration in the US and EU today. Talion also features 20 vs. 20 PVP content, with high-quality graphics, and will also have a full 3D view with 360-degree control. The character customization features up to 48 different components to create the player’s look and style. Talion first launched in Russia, Southeast Asia and Japan, and since enjoyed success in those regions.

Following this strong start, it is moving to the rest of Europe and the United States. Currently, GAMEVIL is holding a pre-registration event to celebrate the future launch of TALION in US and EU. Players who pre-register will be given in-game currency and items as rewards. On the pre-registration page, users can find various trailers of the game, gameplay footage, and screenshots.

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