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Tales Runner Mother’s Day Event

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Tales Runner is a fun, casual friendly racing MMO that’s doing its part to celebrate Mother’s Day. Players who log in and play at least five races each day for a month (starting April 8th) will have a chance of having real flowers sent to their mother!

Some obvious caveats do apply: only players in the USA will be able to win the flower delivery. But there are also in-game prizes available to everyone. For a full list of these prizes and more information on this interesting event, read the full release below!

Full Release:

Tales Runner; Send Flowers To My Momma!

Sunnyvale, CA- April 08, 2010

TalesRunner ( ), a fantasy casual MMO, has proudly prepared a very special gift for you, and to your surprise, your mother! For those who may be broke or simply too young to make money to buy nice gifts for their mothers, Tales Runner prepared an event where players can send flowers to their mothers to celebrate this year’s Mother’s Day.

In order to win this special Mother’s Day flowers, players just have to log in and play every day for a month, starting from April 8 till May 5. On this Mother’s Day, 10 lucky winners will see beautiful flowers delivered right to their mother’s hands!

For this coming Mother’s Day, play Tales Runner to become a cool son and daughter!

However, the mother’s day flower is not the only gift that the game is offering. Players who log in and play for 5 races will receive the following prizes.

3 Days = Loud Speaker

5 Days = Pyro’s Whisper

10 Days = Red Scarf

15 Days = Flamingo Tube

20 Days = Master Ninja Scarf

25 Days = Billie Jeans 7 Days

28 Days = 1 Golden Hammer

Please visit Tales Runner website for further details.

About Tales Runner

Tales Runner is an exciting fantasy casual MMO action adventure game. It is a racing game, but it has many of the elements of an RPG. The games boasts a leveling system, a park where players can socialize, as well as an alchemy system that players can use to craft items to help improve their stats. What players can do in the game is almost unlimited. They may choose and customize unique characters, decorate and grow their own customizable farm islands, harvest your crops to gain EXP, host wonderful weddings, pose in special decorative photos, and socialize in a busy Town Park full of fun mini-activities after a long day of racing. Tales Runner certainly provides exciting and unusual gameplay experience for every player regardless of their age or gender.

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