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Tales Runner adds new character, Kai

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A new character has been added to Tales Runner’s line-up: Kai, the Demon Child.

Part of the newest content update, Chapter 5,  Kai was raised by Dr. Hell and struggles with his dark side, and may choose to ally with either the Angel or Devil faction – and his appearance will reflect that decision.

Players who buy a Kai bundle in the shop will be eligible to win $30 of Tales Runner prizes.

Screenshots of Kai:

The Original Press Release:

Tales Runner Introduces New Character: Kai, The Demon Child!

Sunnyvale, CA – August 4, 2010

Tales Runner, the popular MMO racing game from Gala-Net, is proud to announce the arrival of its newest playable character, Kai!  The demon child, known as Kai, is an integral character in the latest chapter of the Tales saga, Chapter 5: Chaos Genesis.

Kai was mysteriously born from the darkness of Tales Land and adopted by Dr. Hell as a baby.  Burdened by his dark side, Kai has decided to try and escape his fate by becoming one of the noble tales runners.  Chapter 5: Chaos Genesis focuses on creating a balance between the Angels and Devils, and it is Kai’s decision between light and dark that will fuel the emotional battle between the two factions.

To welcome its newest and most complex playable character, Tales Runner is hosting a special “Buy a Bundle, Win a Bunch” event, where anyone who buys a Kai bundle between August 4th to August 13th is eligible to win $30 worth of items of their choice!

The full story about Kai and Tale Runner’s newest chapter can be found on the official website,

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