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Tales of Pirates II previews The Grand Line

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Tales of Pirates 2 is preparing to launch a new version, The Grand Line.

In this update, players will seek to defeat five pirate lords, to obtain pieces of a special treasure map and piece it together. These pirate lords are Gentleman Jocard, Privateer Kidd, Mistress Ching, Captain Sao Feng, and Captain Jack. Recovering these map pieces will put together a map to the booty locked away in the sunken H.M.S., created by Gol. D. Roger and split to the five lords on his deathbed. What awards or other changes may come in the update have yet to be revealed.

Tales of Pirates 2 is published by IGG, which also publishes Wonderland Online and Voyage Century Online.

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Preview of All-new Version in Tales of Pirates II – The Grand Line

The development team of Tales of Pirates II ( has embarked on the creation of a new version, “The Grand Line”, for the MMORPG. Players can look forward to a sensational gaming experience that will provide immense thrills and excitement. More than simply adding a mere instance, there will be a series of riveting quests that will allow players to hunt and explore for treasures galore, just the way a pirate should!

It All Began When…
In 1694 of the pirate world, the treasure-laden H.M.S set sail from Thundoria for Poseidon Temple Castle for its ritual worship. Alas, when the ship was navigating around Sorceress Coast, a storm came and sank her to the bottom of the sea, bringing down the trove of treasures along as well. For centuries, nobody had been able to find the H.M.S booty.

That is, until Gol. D. Roger. This notorious pirate located the legendary H.M.S treasure after much tenacious efforts and almost got his hand on the hoard, if not for one strange and deadly illness that engulfed him. On his deathbed, he proclaimed, “All my lifelong labor are charted on the H.M.S treasure map. I have torn it up and handed the pieces to only the most powerful pirates in the world, one piece per pirate. Who will be my successor and lay claim to the H.M.S treasure? Fight it out, me hearties, and may the best buccaneer wins!” And thus the five nefarious pirate lords whom Gol. D. Roger had given the clues to, engaged in epic wars to fight for the entire map piece. However, the battles only left them exhausted of strength and drained of life. They decided to call it a truce and went back to their own reign, each guarding a piece of the H.M.S treasure map.
Nevertheless, peg legs all over the world have not given up on this incredible treasure. The five pirate lords await those who are plucky enough to challenge and defeat ALL of them, so that the H.M.S treasure map can be pieced together once again. Peg legs all over the world call this journey to conquer the pernicious pirate lords and obtain the map in its entirety, “The Grand Line”.

The 5 Pirate Lords

Instance 1: Gentleman Jocard
Hailing from the Sorceress Coast, Jocard is a black man who once led a group of rebellious slaves to mutiny. Now this pirate lord rules over the archipelago of islands in Sorceress Coast with his crew of ex-slaves, plundering and pillaging passing merchant ships, enslaving the rich whites and freeing black slaves.

Instance 2: Privateer Kidd
Kidd owns numerous merchant fleets plundered from Autumn and Summer Islands. Besides the apprehension of being pillaged, ships sailing in the straits of Deep Blue often have to be subjected to Kidd’s heavy taxes as well. His ability to instill fear on others is rumored to be unsurpassed.

Instance 3: Mistress Ching
Mistress Ching may be blind, but this feisty lady owns an impressive pirate fleet comprising of hundreds of ships and is known to be a total terror to the fishing towns, robbing and pillaging in broad daylight. When she became a widow upon her husband’s death, she gained control over the entire pirate legion in Spring Town and engaged heavily in smuggling. Her sphere of influence spread far and wide to even the most remote villages. Ruling with an iron hand, the fearless Ching disciplined her men with strict rules and castrated any man who would commit rape.

Instance 4: Captain Sao Feng
Sao Feng reigns supreme in the Winter Islands. All primary sea routes in the Winter Archipelagos are under his rule and control. Notorious for his cruel methods of torture to his prisoners and slaves, this merciless pirate lord will stop at nothing to crush those who dare oppose him.

Instance 5: Captain Jack
The most powerful of them all, the name of Captain Jack often chills the hearts of even the bravest buccaneers. Few have seen his true face, for he often carries out the most dastardly deeds in various disguises. Ruthless and quirky, there is always an entire cabin filled with rum on his ship. Cursed by Davy Jones himself, he hopes that the legendary H.M.S treasure holds the key to unlocking the curse.

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