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Switchblade Announces Release Date for PS4 and PC

Switchblade f2p launch news

Lucid Games announced that Switchblade, their Early Access 5v5 vehicle MOBA will be free to play this month. It arrives on both PS4 and PC on January 22nd, 2019, and is set in a futuristic world where war is the new sport. Heavily-armed sci-fi vehicles team up to do battle as players work towards destroying the enemy towers. In Switchblade, players have the ability to choose two vehicles at the start of each match and switch them at any moment during battle, allowing for endless tactical possibilities. Each vehicle in Switchblade offers an entirely unique strategy on the battlefield and with 17 vehicles spread over 4 car classes, everyone can find their sweet spot. Lucid Games stated that they will continue to provide content for Switchblade over the coming months, such as new vehicles, maps, modes, cosmetics and more.

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