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Super MNC Now Available On GamersFirst

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Reloaded Games has revealed that Uber Entertainment’s over-the-top pro-sports themed third-person shooter multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) hybrid title Super Monday Night Combat (Super MNC) is now available on and the GamersFirst LIVE! game downloader. Adapted and expanded to PC from the popular Xbox LIVE Arcade title Monday Night Combat, Super MNC challenges players to in a unique mix of MOBA and shooter gameplay as they fight for fame and fortune in this humorous futuristic version of pro sports entertainment.

Gamers choose a pro to take the field as an Enforcer, Defender, Striker, Sharpshooter or Commando, each with a unique playstyle, as they assault the opposing team’s defenses while also defending their own goal. With vast amounts of sponsorship opportunities, power-ups, tactical products and on-field hazards, Super MNC delivers frantic, exciting hardcore gameplay.

“Bringing a creative, innovative and challenging free2play game like Super MNC onto the GamersFirst portal and GamersFirst LIVE! further strengthens our commitment to delivering hard-core gaming experiences to our community of 30 million players,” said Reloaded Games’ Chief Marketing Officer Rahul Sandil. “As the seventh game to join our ranks, we know that a game with such an irreverent attitude and solid game experience with be of interest to our players, and grow diversity of our games catalog to our player community.”

Super MNC is a free2play third-person multiplayer shooter grounded in multiplayer online battle arena format. Super MNC blends intense tactical combat, five players roles with unique unlockable skill trees, a deep metagame, and an ever-growing amount of customizations, wrapped in a tongue-in-cheek pro sports arena setting. Players select one of five game roles from the game’s huge roster of Pros and take to the field against an opposing team while having the play-by-play judged by hilarious sportscasters and cheering, or jeering, fans. Super MNC challenges players to have equal-parts twitch-combat skills and strategic tactical thinking thanks in part to the game’s use of skill upgrades, Pros and on-field support assets. With a robust character customization system, gamers can choose the look, weapons and even the in-game taunts, thanks to the plethora of endorsements deals available to star players.

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