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Sulake, Creators of Habbo Return with Hotel Hideaway

Hotel Hideaway - Image

Hotel Hideaway is developed by the creators of classic game Habbo, and invite players to sit back, relax, and enjoy a new social gaming experience. Players customize and create their own avatars in Hotel Hideaway and socialize with each other across a hotel hubworld overflowing with activities and guests. It’s the biggest game release from Sulake since the launch of Habbo 17 years ago and is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store for iOS/Android.  Hotel Hideaway caters to Sulake’s brand of community by letting players interact via in-game text chat and a gestures system. Community-driven social minigames await, developed by players within Hotel Hideaway, including a beach-side costume contest. As users level up, they unlock new gestures that can be used among friends to strengthen their bonds and ultimately level-up their friendships, resulting in more ways to customize their avatars.

“Hotel Hideaway is a summation of the work we’ve done in the social mobile space,” said Simo Piispanen, Sulake’s game lead on Hotel Hideaway. “Our past experience with Habbo has provided us valuable insight into crafting a rich community for people to establish lasting friendships, while also being easily accessible using today’s mobile technology.”

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