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Storms Bring In New RiotZone Missions

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Mail.RU Games is bringing a new month-long set of special missions and prizes for RiotZone.

As a storm hits the seas of Merania, players may choose to assist the Navy or the Paratrooper in a high-seas confrontation aboard a battleship. Each day players can choose which missions to accept, with paratroopers awarding multiple badges lasting two hours each, and the navy granting one, longer-lasting badge. Players can also earn keys during the mission to open crates of supplies.

Mail.RU also publishes Juggernaut.

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Month Long Event Gives Players The Choice: In The Air Or In The Water

Hamburg, Germany – September 17, 2012. Leading publisher Mail.RU Games announced today it will launch two harrowing missions starting tomorrow for its online strategy war game, RiotZone. The month-long event will not only feature a choice of action-packed missions and strategic gameplay, but it will also include a chance at exciting super prizes! Prepare for the missions now at

It’s a noticeably stormy morning at sea in Merania as dark waves crash against the sides of the landing boats. Soldiers look straight ahead onto the corrugated metal of the landing ramp as the signal is issued, and the soles of army boots can be heard pounding against the metal as they run to attack. It’s then that small points of light are visible in the sky and in the distance a shape of a parachute. With a wiry smile the sergeant declares “The boys are jumping.”

In this new unique event, players can select which version of the mission they would like to complete. Each day they can choose their mission either spending the day helping paratroopers or on the high seas serving the Navy. Depending on the choice made, players will perform a unique set of missions designed with high-action and non-stop excitement. Rewards for each mission – Navy or Paratrooper – will also differ so this won’t be an easy choice. For aiding the paratroopers, players will receive several badges lasting two hours each, and for Navy players will receive just one badge but it lasts much longer. A lot for a short time or little for longer . it’s a dilemma players will face in this exciting new event!

Players will also have the opportunity to earn keys during the mission which can be used to open crates of supplies. The number of keys, crates and other bonuses they receive for a mission will depend on the choices they make and it won’t be easy!

To learn more about Riot Zone and to participate in the latest event, visit

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