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Steambirds Alliance Launches in August

Steambirds Alliance launch news

Spry Fox’s Steambirds Alliance, the spiritual successor to Realm of the Mad God is ready after six years of development. August 22nd is the big date when Steambirds Alliance hits Steam and will be a massively-co-op free-to-play shooter. The bullet hell shooter will pit players against the evil Meowza and her feline empire. Players are pilots fighting in the bird rebellion, and Spry Fox has worked to emphasize fun team play, to reduce griefing, and offer a friendly monetization model.  Secret missions, distinct plane types, and a host of fun awaits in Steambirds Alliance. Over 10,000 players joined the Open Beta, and soon, you can too!

Features Added During Beta:

  • Meowza’s inner sanctum, a new and extremely difficult encounter for Veteran Steambirds
  • Dungeon mods: Random mods on instances that ramp up both difficulty AND loot
  • New types of enemies added to the Palace region of the overworld with a generous loot pool
  • Lots of class and item rebalancing, making all classes and weapons equally viable
  • Massive revamp of the pilot skill-tree

Quality of Life Improvements Added:

  • Lots of server performance improvements to reduce lag experienced by players
  • Lots of improvements to make the game easier to play and learn
  • Lots of work on cheat detection systems to get rid of cheating cuckoos
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