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Starlight Story Officially Launched

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The time has come for adventurers to flock to Starlight Story from Aeria Games, a leading global publisher of free-to-play online games. Following successful closed and open beta tests, the browser-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) has officially launched in North America.

Starlight Story throws players into a valiant quest to save their dying world from destruction. Along the way they will acquire a large collection of pets and change into powerful new forms through the Superstar transformation system. Some bosses may even leave behind their likeness for Superstar transformations after lucky players defeat them.

The launch brings a brand-new dungeon to Starlight Story: the Demon Tower. Enemies in the Demon Tower can drop special crystals that are used in the new crystal system to add yet another layer to character customization. With enough of these rare crystals, players can permanently boost their character’s stats.

Other exciting features that players may not have had the time to explore in beta return as well. Using the Family system, up to 25 friends can work together to complete objectives, eventually earning the right to challenge one of Starlight Story’s imposing world bosses. These monstrous enemies drop highly coveted gear and possibly their own Superstar transformation!

“Aeria Games is proud to release its very first browser-based MMORPG,” said Tom Nichols, Director of Publishing, Aeria Games. “With our experience launching successful client MMORPGs, we think Starlight Story breaks new ground and is a perfect addition to our catalog of games.”

Several events will be running in-game to challenge eager players, including a race to level 35 for valuable rewards. Prestigious items will also be awarded to the top ranked families and players in each class.

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