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Star Trek Online: Season 13.5 Brings Deep Space Nine’s Martok to Console

STO - Season 13.5 Update - Main Image

Starting today, captains on Xbox One and PS4 will be able to rescue a famous Klingon General from Star Trek: Deep Space 9 as Star Trek Online Season 13.5 goes live! Martok, voiced by Star Trek actor J.G.Hertzler makes a very special appearance, and it also includes a new Ferengi Trade Alliance Admiralty and the Endeavor System, which offers console players new, special challenges to complete for fantastic rewards. After reuniting with the legendary General Rodek (voiced by Tony Todd), they will join the Klingon forces to rescue a prisoner who has been detained in a secret prison. It’s none other than the infamous Martok! What exactly are these two new console features?

  • The Endeavor System – Level 60 captains can earn rewards throughout each week by completing challenges with the new Endeavor System.
  • Ferengi Trade Alliance Admiralty – The game’s Admiralty System has been updated to include a new campaign helping captains acquire trades and goods with the aid of the Ferengi Trade Alliance. This new feature is available to all captains Level 52 and above.
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