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Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery Launches on Console

Star Trek Online - Age of Discovery -image

Starting today, Console Captains can enter the Age of Discovery in Star Trek Online for the first time. In it, brand-new missions inspired by the Discovery TV show are available, and even players new to the game can explore the Discovery content from the start of their adventure. In today’s update, the level requirements for all episodes are unlocked, creating a more streamlined mission journal to help players navigate through content. Brand new game features for Xbox One and PlayStation4 will keep veteran Star Trek Online players engaged, with the addition of new episodes, added Reputation Tiers and a new Random Task Force Operation System for rewards.

Age of Discovery transports players to the year 2256, shortly after the pivotal Battle at the Binary Stars. A war has erupted between the United Federation of Planets and Klingon forces, led by J’Ula (from the IDW comic series Star Trek Discovery – The Light of Kahless), matriarch of the House of Mo’Kai and sister of T’Kuvma. Players will team up with fellow Starfleet Academy cadet, Sylvia Tilly (voiced by Discovery’s very own Mary Wiseman), for their very first mission aboard the U.S.S. Glenn.

Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery Features:

  • Playable Discovery Era Federation Faction – Players can create a brand new Discovery era Federation Captain with a new tutorial experience and explore Starfleet in the year 2256, just after the Battle at the Binary Stars.
  • Two New Episodes – Players from all factions can explore two new episodes, where they will be tasked with fending off Klingon boarding the U.S.S. Glenn, and defending Starbase 1 from an assault by Klingon House D’Ghor.
  • New Task Force Operation – Queues in Star Trek Online will now be known as “Task Force Operations.” Age of Discovery’s newest Task Force Operation (TFO) will take players back to the year 2256, to protect Starbase 1 in Federation Space.
  • Random Task Force Operations System – Those who queue for a randomly selected TFO through this new system will be rewarded with a large bonus, along with the standard rewards for completing the challenge.
  • Streamlined Mission Journal – The mission journal has been streamlined for all Federation factions, in order to help new players better access the main story content in Star Trek Online. This affects Task Force Operations, which now unlock earlier in progression
  • Added Reputation Tiers – All reputations will be extended to Tier 6 and will include upgrades to existing rewards, plus upgrades to existing ones.
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