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Square Enix and Bigpoint announce Gameglobe

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Square Enix and Bigpoint have partnered together to offer Gameglobe, an online game platform.

Gameglobe is a free, browser-based platform that allows players to create game worlds and other creative ideas, and visit those of others, in virtual space with console quality 3D. It is developed by (part of Square Enix) and will be published exclusively by Bigpoint in North America and Europe.

The platform is currently in closed beta, but will open up to more testers in the coming months.

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Square Enix and Bigpoint Unleash a World of Creativity with Gameglobe

Innovative new online platform lets users create, share and play their own games and game worlds

Endless possibilities, console-level HD graphics, and easily accessible gameplay

Hamburg – May 8th, 2012 – Square Enix Ltd. and Bigpoint ( are excited to unveil the first details on Gameglobe™ ( an innovative new online game platform to be published by the two companies.

Gameglobe is a unique browser-based experience that allows players free access to endless game worlds and creative possibilities, all in HD quality. Players can choose to either create their own game or simply play the multitude of levels available at launch.

“It’s never been easier to create your own game,” said Rune Vendler, Game Director. “We want Gameglobe to be a community where everyone can get involved in the fun: play new games every day, share your favourites, or flex your creative muscles with your own designs.”

“We’re very excited by the creativity unleashed through the collaboration between Bigpoint and Square Enix that allows us to bring an entirely new and innovative online gaming experience to players”, added Jan-Michel Saaksmeier, Executive Producer at Bigpoint. ”Gameglobe offers fun without limits and a vast selection of free-to-play adventures directly in your browser – and in full console quality HD graphics.”

Gameglobe is developed by Danish studio who are part of the Square Enix group and will be published exclusively by Bigpoint in Europe and North America, who will distribute the game through the Portal as well as across their network of partners.

Gameglobe is currently in closed beta and will be opened up to additional players in the coming months. To register for the beta, players can head to the official website (

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