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Spirit Tales: New Protector Class Available on February 26th

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A brand-new class “Protector” will join the Lunar Fox tribe for KORAMGAME’s Spirit Tales on the 26th of February 2014. A Protector brings great strength to this legendary tribe and is able to take the role of either a tank or a damage dealer.

To inherit the spirit of “Nine-tail Fox” and protect the residents of Snow Kingdom, the Lunar Fox Priest is trying his best to defend the invasion and harassment of the north alliance. But he still can’t stop them. To turn the tables, Lunar Fox Priest has ordered the “Protectors” to join the Glorious Shield, in the hope that they can improve the situation of the south alliance army.

The new class “Protector” has made up for the disadvantage that the original Lunar Fox classes “Sorcerer” and “Assassin” can’t tank a boss. A Protector is the only tanking role that can heal himself. He needs no materials but MP to create orbs, which can restore HP/MP and add Buffs for, himself. As players level up, they can change to 2nd classes – “Crusher” and “Medicator”, and 3rd classes -“Annihilator” and “Redeemer”, which focus respectively on tanking and dealing damage.

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