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Spiral Knights adds two new features

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Spiral Knights has just added two core features for its players in Haven: an Advanced Training Hall and an Auction House.

The Advanced Training Hall is a combat room that lets players use NPC assistants to learn new combat strategies and moves. The Auction House will let players sell and trade materials they’ve found during their explorations, which should make it easier for players to complete recipes for new gear.

Spiral Knights is published by Sega.

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MEDIA ADVISORY: Spiral Knights Adds Auction House and Training Grounds

Aspiring Adventurers Given New Opportunities to Grow Richer, Deadlier

SAN FRANCISCO and LONDON – May 17, 2011

SEGA® of America, Inc. and SEGA® Europe Ltd. announced that Spiral Knights™, the multiplayer action-RPG from celebrated developer Three Rings, has been updated with two new important features. Starting today, the central player hub of Haven will be home to an in-game Auction House, and an Advanced Training Hall, where Knights can learn effective combat techniques to maximize skills needed to explore the Clockworks.

The Advanced Training Hall is a fully interactive combat room where players can take advantage of specially designed assistants, who will teach expert strategies and moves for surviving the deepest depths of Cradle. In addition, Haven now houses a game-wide Auction House, allowing players to buy and sell the materials they’ve recovered during their journeys; allowing for easy trades and letting players efficiently track down the goods they need to craft their new gear. The Auction House will even allow players to search for materials by the recipes in which they appear.

Both of these new features are now live in Spiral Knights. Learn more about Spiral Knights and play for free by visiting

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