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Spellcraft Announces Public Alpha


One More Game has announced that its upcoming real-time battler, Spellcraft, will debut its public alpha on Steam on April 6, 2023.

In Spellcraft, actively command an entire team of heroes and outplay your opponents in a new type of strategy game: a Real-Time Battler. Choose your party of three heroes to take into the fight and fine-tune your strategy by selecting from unique and powerful spells for each. Showcase your tactical mastery by casting well-timed spells, dealing damage and disrupting your opponent’s best-laid plans.

The Spellcraft public alpha will be available as a playtest on Steam, and open to all players unless demand exceeds expectations. Content creators are invited to stream and make content about Spellcraft, and can apply to join the creator program to receive rewards for participation in the public alpha.

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