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Soul of Guardian Closing Ceremony Events

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WSGame has announced Olympic Closing Ceremony events for its MMORPG Soul of Guardian.  Players who purchase gold will receive an extra 20% from now until August 20 at 11:59pm PDT.  Additionally, players who reach level 30 and complete the Centurial Demon Den can post their screenshot to the WSGame forums with their server number and in-game name for a flawless lucky gift pack, worth 19 gold.

Item drops for several dungeons have been revamped as well, including Stone Golem, Heroic Stone Golem, Centurial Demon Den, and Heroic Centurial Demon Den.  The updated drops are currently only available on server 24, but will be made available on other servers soon.

WSGame also publishes Lost of Legend and Call of Gods.

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Soul of Guardian Closing Ceremony for London Olympic Games and Drop Updates

Shenzhen, China – August 17, 2012 – Soul of Guardian, the latest, most played RPG of 2012, is launching a couple of events to share the joy of successful ending of the London Olympic Games 2012 with all gamers. Let’s check them out:

Increase your Wealth in Soul of Guardian
Enjoy a 20% return bonus for any gold you buy. For example, if you buy 100 gold, you will get 20 gold rewarded to you. THAT’S 120 GOLD!!! Accumulative top-up counts, so the more gold you buy during the event, the more gold you will get in return!

Demon Den Challenge Event
Challenge the Centurial Demon Den and make it to level 30, post your screenshot to the forum with your server No. and In-game name, and you will get one Flawless lucky giftpack, which is worth 19 Gold for your efforts!! For FREE!!

This event will end on August 20th 23:59(PDT). So, hurry up!

Item Drop Update
Item drop updates in the challenging dungeons of Stone Golem, Heroic Stone Golem, Centurial Demon Den, and Heroic Centurial Demon Den. The items that will drop in those dungeons are Lvl 3-5 Rough Gem, Bound Gold Card and items for pet cultivation will drop in Stone Golem, while lvl 4-7 Rough Gem, various Flawless Runes, and items for pet cultivation can be looted in Heroic Stone Golem. In Centurial Demon Den, a dungeon that lvl 50 or above players can enter, lvl 50 Legend Equipment will drop at each level. Guess what drops you can get in Heroic Centurial Demon Den, a dungeon that is tougher than Centurial Demon Den? – lvl 60-90 Legend Armor and Weapon!!! How amazing is that?!

The updated drops are now available on Server 24 only, but they will hit other servers soon. Why not go to give it a try on Server 24 right now?

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