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Solstice Reborn launches

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Solstice Reborn, Outspark’s new updated version of Secret of the Solstice, has officially launched.

The new version – which has already accepted a hefty transfer from Marian and Adeline – offers many times the quests that Secret of the Solstice offered. The version also adds a new leveling system, upgraded graphics and other systems, new skills and areas, and much more.

Outspark also publishes Fiesta Online and Fists of Fu.

Solstice Online Gameplay Screenshot


All of your favorite characters from Secret of the Solstice have weathered the trip to the new world and are ready for action!

That’s right, the character transfer went smoothly and all of the characters that could fit into Reborn from Marian and Adeline are now here for you to play.
Your transferred characters may have their names removed, in which case you’ll need to rename them, which you can see how to do here. You will also find a Reborn Reward Box in your inventory of any character that transferred. open it up to get some nice gear to start you in your travels and a few other surprises. If you have any issues or bugs, be sure to report them in the Bug Reporting Forum.

See you in Solstice Reborn!

~Team Solstice
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