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SMITE Season 2 Patch Notes Previewed

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HiRez Studios has just concluded a livestream showcasing key changes to itemization and a few god buffs and nerfs coming with the start of Season 2 of SMITE.


Key points include:

No protected recall.

Hunters more focused as decimating single targets than aoe power.

Cupid share the love – 50 mana, gains more mana than loses. Longer stun on ulti.

Hou Yi takes damage while jumping through air.

Neith 1 boost, no longer reduced scaling damage. roots full power even on later targets.

More obvious animation for Nox ult.

Sobek boosted protections on passive. Ultimate ranks up to offer more aoe slow.

In addition, multiple item reworks, new items, and 3 new actives were previewed. See shots of them all below or catch the full patch notes HERE.

season2screens1 season2screens2 season2screens3 season2screens4 season2screens5 season2screens6 season2screens7 season2screens8 season2screens9 season2screens10 season2screens11 season2screens12 season2screens13 season2screens14 season2screens15 season2screens16 season2screens17 season2screens18 season2screens19 season2screens20 season2screens21 season2screens22 season2screens23

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