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SMITE Patch 4.7 Ganesh Livestream Recap

SMITE Patch 4.7 Ganesh Livestream Recap

Today’s SMITE patch note stream previewed patch 4.7, “Pillars of Success.” Today’s patch features the official Ganesh reveal and information about the Summer Rewards and Split Pass.

The Summer Split Pass Bundle includes:

  • Vampiric Scylla Skin
  • Right to Vote on Season Games
  • Bonus Quests for FP
  • 15 team FP Boosters
  • 15 Team Worshipper Boosters

Upcoming Summer Rewards include:

  • New Customizable – Jump Stamps
  • Sol Announcer Pack
  • Roman Recall Skin
  • 2017 Season Ticket Music Theme
  • Mercury Modern Messenger

There will also be more double fantasy points events and an Earth Day Sale.

Ranked Summer Split

  • MMR Summer Rests via bell curve. If you’re really good or bad, expect to still be bad. But most will be set back in the middle to fight for their right to rise once more!
  • Gem bonus for those placing on top of god leaderboards. God leaderboard now requires 10 games in ranked to qualify in summer.
  • Made more difficult to achieve high starting positions from just qualifying
  • Players will now see how earned TP is calculated at end of match lobby
  • Lobby top 2 players are now the top ranked players. Bottom 3 are randomized so you can’t pick on the bottom choice.
  • Players can now select any god for trading purposes
  • TP Decay will begin after 2 weeks of not playing ranked, capping out at 6 weeks/10TP Lost Per Day.

New Relic –

  • The return of Frenzy relic – Belt of Frenzy: 70 units allied gods gain a 10% increase damage and 15% attack speed increase for 5 seconds. Plus bonus damage to objectives. Upgrade is 8 seconds long and gives bonus penetration.

God Changes

  • Awilix Buff – Moonlight Charge Mana lowered early game.
  • Cabrakan Nerfs –
    • Reduced base physical protection from 23 to 20.
    • Tremors Damage Reduced by 3 damage per tremor.
  • Camazotz Buff –
    • Can now drink essence pools at full speed at all times, not reduced speed while in combat like before.
    • Devour Pre-leap delay can no longer be hit.
  • Cernunnos Nerf – Wild Hunt radius reduced from 30 to 25.
  • Hun Batz Nerf –
    • Somersault slow decreased early game.
    • Fear No Evil cooldown upped from 90s to 100s.
  • Izanami – Fade Away changes
  • Kuzenbo Buff – Nene inherits 20% of kuzenbo’s health and protections in addition to its base
  • Ne Zha Buff – Universe Ring Toss bounces an additional bounce at all ranks (8 bounces max).
  • Nox Buff – Night Terror cooldown decreased from 90 at all ranks to 90/85/80/75/70.
  • Sol Buff – Stellar Burst no longer has an in-hand penalty when firing. More mobility!
  • Susanoo Nerf – Storm Kata will no longer proc Hydra’s Lament on the later stages of the ability.
  • Morrigan Buff – Confusion stealth can no longer be broken by minion damage.

Ganesh God Reveal –

  • Lore: It’s super strange.
  • Class: Guardian
  • Passive: Good Fortune – When he stands back and shows his face. When he gets close to an ally, he gets assist credit while in range and passive changes. But if he takes the kill, his ally gets the credit and he gets the assist. Also gets boost of how close he has to be to get assist credit. Same impact on minion kills.
    • Side Note: Kali can get her kill credit heal if Ganesh kills the target and she is closest to him.
  • Ability 1: Line Ranged Ball. For every enemy hit, it buffs nearby allies. Small range – 55.
  • Ability 2: Olm. Enters passive state. Allies nearby gain protections and enemies in cone before him get silenced.
  • Ability 3: Remove Obstacles. Line Rush, knocks through minions. If you hit an enemy god it stuns them briefly, hits them twice, and then knocks them into the air. He can even dash through player made walls with it!
  • Ultimate: Darmic Pillars. Old Wa Ulti. Burns enemy gods while on the barricade of the wall. Burns enemy gods standing on the barricade every time someone touches the edges or continues to burn if you stand on it. Corner pillars are walls. Also slows for 3s and shreds your protections for 3s. Can be leaped out of without taking damage.

The full patch notes can be found here.

SMITE 4.7 Patch Note Stream

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