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SMITE Patch 3.7 Preview – Grim Weaver

SMITE Ararchne Rework

Hirez Studio at last provides the SMITE visual rework to match last year’s Arachne skill rework in patch 3.7 – Grim Weaver. The skins are the big story to be told here as some of the most impressive looking skins arrive, building on the ongoing Escape the Underworld Event!

Beyond the amazing skins revealed including Arachne’s and Nox’s Escape the Underworld skins, there’s also quite a few balance patch notes arriving with 3.7.

After some serious dominance in the ranged carry roll in SPL, Throwing Dagger is getting a power reduction and slight cost increase.

Jing Wei is receiving serious buffs across the board. More ulti damage, more ulti landing range, and huge attack speed buffs. She’s going to be a monster late game.

Nox and Ah Puch also have absorbed some of the power of the Underworld. While no where near the level of the Jing Wei buffs, they should certainly see more playtime, particularly with Ah Puch’s buff to countering healers with the fleeting breath changes.

He Bo also sees a passive buff, not that anyone but hardcore He Bo players will likely notice.

For full details on balance changes and card art for the new skins, check out the official patch notes here.

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