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SMITE Patch 3.23 Preview

SMITE Patch 3.23 Preview

Today’s SMITE patch stream focused on the reveal of Patch 3.23, “Wings of Victory,” which includes some epic Odyssey Skins and the reveal of the Goddess Nike.

Anubis Odyssey Skin:

  • Voice Pack evolves with animations through match.
  • Abilities set minions on fire and send them flying.
  • Equippable recall effect and emote comes with the skin.
  • Comes with new music theme.

Item Changes:

  • Celestial Legion Helmet Nerf – Offering too much protections and power at the same time.
  • Hydra’s Star – Cooldown reduced by 5%
  • Hydra’s Lament – Cooldown reduced from 15% to 10%
  • Obsidian Shard Nerf – Brought more in line with Spear. 70 power reduced to 60.

God Changes:

Erlang Shen – NERF…?

  • Spot Weakness no longer ignores basic attack movement penalties.
  • 72 transformations – Mink allows you to regain this ignore of movement penalties. Turtle Shield and Mink attack buff durations reduced from 6s to 5s.

Hades – Buff

  • Blight Duration from 5s to 8s.
  • Shroud of Darkness doesn’t knock back minions.
  • Pillar of Agony protection buff boosted early game.

Jing Wei – Nerf

  • Explosive Bolts no longer offer crits at rank 1. 5% less crit per level.
  • Agility – Cooldown increased late game from 12 to 16.

Khepri – Buff

  • Base health up 30 to 490 hp.

Nox – QoL Buff

  • Candles now only blown out by god damage.

Osiris – Buff

  • Gaining a little anti-magical protection from passive to survive late game fights.
  • Fragmented – 1% magical damage mitigation per stack.

Terra Nerf

  • Terra’s Blessing (ult) cooldown increased to 110s at all ranks

Thoth Buff

  • His damage is fine. Players need help landing his abilities more consistently.
  • Hieroglyphic Assault – Increase projectile speed by 20%
  • Evade and Punish radius up from 3 to 4.
  • Glyph of Pain mana reduced and now scales slowly, 25-45s instead of 60 at all ranks.

Tyr Gameplay Change

  • Change Stance available at level 1!

Nike Reveal

Lore: Mysterious and lost. Gave medals to those victories in battle. Close ally of Athena. Gains her fame for participating greatly in the war of titans with Zeus. Became Zeus’ right hand goddess.

Role: Warrior. Backline enemy face crush gameplay style.

Hit Chain has a cleave attack on third hit. 1, 1, 1.5 damage.

Passive: Achievement based. Three Goals. By accomplishing each goal you gain stacks that increase power and movement speed. Same goals every game.

  1. Kill 200 minions.
  2. Kill 10 gods.
  3. Have 2 allies that are level 20.

A laurel appears over every character on your team, growing brighter as you complete each one.

  • Ability 1: Two straight line ranged cleaves. If you hit the same enemy twice in a row, you gain protection shred. With Plan of Action, You get third strike. You disarm if all three hit the target.
  • Ability 2 (Plan of Action): Passive: HP5. Active: Augments her first, third, and ultimate with new effects. Adds flat damage to your next ability.
  • Ability 3: Long leap with knock-up on landing. Doesn’t knock enemies back, so she can go straight into attacking. Plan of Action makes her leap faster.
  • Ultimate: Sentinel of Zeus: Gains visual armor to show enemies she’s ready. When activated, she gains a health shield (40% of max) and slows. With Plan of Action, buffs shield to 60% and increases the slow. When in her Ultimate form, Nike’s voice pack gets an angelic booming overlay.

SMITE Patch 3.23 Preview - Nike Revealed

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