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SMITE June Patch Update

SMITE June Patch Update Main Image

HiRez has been busy this month rolling out a series of major changes to SMITE in terms of character redesigns, map balances, new items and new active and consumable options. Overall this has given players much more strategic decisions that can go an extra mile to set the great and awesome players apart from each other in high tier play, though it’s still certainly a work in progress.

Today marks the next wave of updates including huge revamps to the primary 5v5 Conquest mode including larger lanes and adjusted audio distance to make it easier to navigate the camera and fight within the jungle yet more difficult to identify enemy activity sneaking between lanes or stealing jungle mobs. The base itself has also been adjusted to a smaller more manageable size with a nerf to phoenix respawn times throw in to keep the balance between offense and defense still on par.

Two new skins and voice packs were thrown into this huge update as well along with the usual god rebalances. Check out the full patch notes for details on which item and god changes will have the biggest impact on your gameplay.

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