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SMITE Awilix Patch Notes Revealed

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By Andrew Skelton

HiRez Studios has just made their next major SMITE patch notes public. In addition to the stats on the newest Mayan warrior, Awilix, quite a few competitive buffs and nerfs have been included to target key problems in the game.


Nox is receiving what can be described as just short of a total rework, with a hefty focus on defense offsetting a reduction to her high spam rapid fire damage skills. This is most noticable with her passive change:

  • Flame of the Night

– This ability has been changed: Nox’s candles gather energy from all abilities she uses. For every ability Nox casts a candle is lit. For every candle lit Nox gains 4% damage mitigation. When Nox takes damage from an enemy god one of her candles are blown out.

Vulcan receives a hit to his infamous meatball surprise by allowing enemy gods to utilize knock-up resistance to avoid the semi-stun associated with magma bomb.

Serket may finally see the light of day in competitive play, with a 0.6 second nerf to the duration of her charm skill, cobra’s kiss. Counter play is finally possible.

Osiris sees his ultimate, Lords of the Afterlife, granted some CC immunity so you aren’t stuck with a sad mummy spinning pointlessly through the air going nowhere.

Ao Kuang sees an expected nerf to damage scaling. No surprises here.

Finally Vamana gets a flat reduction in his late gigantic baby fury, forcing him to itemize for damage on a level closer to other balanced warriors.

Read up on the full patch notes here including some upcoming skins. Just don’t Nerd Rage too hard in the process.


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