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SMITE 4.2 King of the Kappa Patch Recap

SMITE 4.2 King of the Kappa Patch Recap

Today’s SMITE Patch stream revealed Patch 4.2: King of the Kappa. This patch features new skins, changes to Clash, minor tweaks, and most importantly a new god: Kappa.

New Skins:

  • Fafnir – Dreadlord
  • Nox – Queen of Hearts
  • Ah Muzen Cab – Swarm
  • Jing Wei – Mini Metal (includes new Dance emote for all Jing Wei skins)
  • Morrigan – Mastery
  • Xbalanque – Updated Mastery

Miscellaneous Changes:

  • Demonic Pact Anubis size altered to improve visibility.

Clash Map Changes:

  • Apophis Health and health per minute greatly increased.
  • Mana Buff Weakened
  • 5% less CDR, 25 less MP5.
  • Damage Buff Respawn increased by 30s.
  • Shadow of Apophis Buff weakened
  • Veil of Apophis (enhanced) weakened.
  • Phoenix power increased from 30 to 42.

Conquest Changes:

  • Added channeling FX for Titan summoning the portal.

Item Highlights (Shuriken Tree Changes):

  • 8-Pointed Shuriken Costs 200 more.
  • Wind Demon Costs 200 more.
  • Poisoned Star – Power reduced from 30-20. Costs 200 more.

God Changes:

  • Aphrodite – Tooltip matches actual fact that she shares 70% of her mana with kiss.
  • Chiron Buff – Giddyup becomes a steroid. Physical Buff for duration of charge.
  • Centaurus – Damage boosted by 30 at all levels.
  • Chronos Buff – Wheel of Time Magical Power Section boosted by 5%. Basic Attack power up 10%.
    • Accelerate movement speed increased. Stop Time damage slightly boosted.
  • Nike Nerf – To Victory nerfed by 1% in movement speed and 2% in bonus power.
    • Rend cooldown increased from 12 to 14s.
  • Skadi Buff – Permafrost – Skadi maintains speed buff for 3s after leaving permafrost.
  • Sylvanus (micro) Nerf – Punishing his early lane clear. Auto Attacks increase base magic power from 38 down to 35.
  • Tyr Nerf – Power Cleave no longer heals twice on first target hit. Ability caps at 3 heals.
  • Xing Tian Bug Fixes (slight nerfs)
    • Furious Roar was dealing 4% of target’s max hp instead of 3%
    • Sky-Cutting Axes was providing more protection than intended.
    • Whirlwind of Rage Fixed.

SMITE 4.2 King of the Kappa Patch Recap

Kuzenbo – King of the Kappa Reveal

Dev Backstory: The developers were looking at adding mythological creatures like Kappa and Tanuki, but needed a named god to introduce them. Kuzenbo is the lesser known king of kappas.

Kappas have a water bowl on the top of their head. They draw their power from it. If you bow to a kappa, they will bow back and lose the water and lose their power. This forms a key part of Kuzenbo’s kit.

Role: Guardian

  • Passive: Water Bowl – Fills up as he takes damage. For every 2% of health he gains 1% true mitigation. Fills up visually. He loses the water over time, and can lose stacks from CC displacement abilities as well (cuts stacks in half).
  • Ability 1 Nei Nei Kappa – Ricochet attack that summons the Neinei Kappa. Passes through minions and jungle camps doing damage. If it hits enemy god, it stops and spawns an ally that fights with you. Has its own HP and can tank damage.
  • Ability 2 Shellspikes – Reflects damage for duration. Also shortens the cooldown of Nei Nei Kappa based on number of hits he takes.
  • Ability 3 Sumo Slam – Charge that can take an enemy god with them, grab them, and keep running. Can turn slightly. If you hit them into a wall, they take additional damage.
  • Ultimate Watery Grave – CC immunity for duration. True omni-directional movement and movement speed increase. Water deals damage and pushes people back. Does majority of damage at activation but half damage if you hit someone after activation.


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  • Max77

    People still play this game? Not sure why, it is terrible.

  • Monacid

    because I like the third person view and cause the god’s and mythilogical theme is dope.

    • Sunset Limited

      ahahahahaahahah XD