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Skyforge Golem Battles Game Mode Revealed

Allods Team and have announced a new PvP game mode for Skyforge: Golem Battles.

Players are split into two groups of five, and face off on a map with two special buildings called Repeaters at opposite ends. Players must take down four defensive structures before they can reach the opposing team’s Repeater. Repeaters generate groups of golems that charge forward into battle to assist their team – all like a MOBA lane style mode. Participants will have their prestige equalized so that only skill and team coordination make a difference.

Skyforge also reminds players that the Collector’s Edition of the Ascension Expansion is now available. This allows players to unlock the Outlaw class, a charismatic and dangerous pistol-slinger, and enjoy the pre-order discount. To find out more visit this link.

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