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Skyforge – Cyromancer Class Revealed

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Skyforge and the Allods Team has just revealed new info on a playable class for SkyForge, known as the Cyromancer.

The Cryomancer is a dangerous opponent capable of inflicting massive amounts of damage, which allows him to quickly dispose of his enemies. And even though he would rather keep them at a distance, the Lord of Cold can deliver a chilling rebuff to anyone who gets too close. Allies will benefit from both the Cryomancer’s powerful offensive abilities and numerous crowd control skills.. There is always a place for this versatile class in groups engaged in combat against monsters and other players.

Those who plan to play as Cryomancer will have plenty of abilities to choose from, such as Cryonic Pulse, Icy Missle, Snowball, Whiteout and more As you develop your character, you can focus on inflicting as much damage as possible or on crowd control – making the fight difficult for your enemies. You can also combine both. Whether your character creates trouble for several opponents or directs all their attacks against one target depends on the set of abilities that you can choose to fit a specific situation, or play style.

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