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Skyforge: Classes revealed

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Skyforge has released more information on content for the upcoming highly-stylised MMORPG featuring exciting dynamic combat in Skyforge. The new details explains the classes available in the game.

“In Skyforge classes are divided into several groups depending on access level. Beginners have access to three classes at the start of the game – Lightbinder, Paladin and Cryomancer. Gradually, after completing various adventures and receiving rewards, intermediate and advanced classes, with 5 in each, become accessible. For example, a Berserker is an intermediate class and it will take several days from the start of the game to gain access to it. However, to play as a Gunner you would have to spend several weeks developing your character because it is in the advanced group.

Moreover, as we have already said you can change your class anywhere and at any time as long as you or your group is not in combat. You do not need to waste time going to a special place in a certain town – you can change class whenever and wherever necessary.

For many players our class system opens new horizons, but those that stick to one role probably ask why is this change necessary if I am just going to play with long range combat classes? The answer to that lies in the fact that there is a large number of classes with one role but each of them have their own unique qualities. Cryomancer and Gunner are both long range combat classes, but they are completely different in terms of style and gameplay. If you like to smash enemies that cross your path without stopping before anyone, a Gunner is an ideal choice. If you prefer positional combat, then a Cryomancer is an excellent candidate due to its crowd control skills. A Lightbinder is not just a DD, but also an excellent support class with additional protection skills. Close combat classes can also differ greatly from each other. For example, a Paladin is a DD oriented towards a single target. However, a Berserker will feel fairly comfortable in combat with a large number of opponents because its skills are more focused on area damage. Players will find their own entertainment here: by progressing this and other classes, they will gradually master a role, perfecting the art of close or long range combat.”

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