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Single-player options coming to Quantum Rush (?)

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Single player

The developer team of online racer Quantum Rush, which is currently in the open beta phase and has fans all across the world, considers a single player version of the game. Now the community has to decide – the team is asking for feedback on this idea.

The reason for these thoughts are the current lag problems. Although the next patches will bring optimizations and improvements, the main reason will remain: All the game servers are located in Germany. This leads to lags in the online multiplayer races, especially if the players are from different continents.

The developers considered multiple solutions: It would be possible to build servers in different countries and continents, to improve the racing experience for players from far away countries. It also possible to develop a stand-alone single player version and transfer the game concept into an offline version.

Now all fans and players of Quantum Rush can join the discussion and give their thoughts on the different ideas. For more info, visit

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