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Silkroad Online releases Battle Arena

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A new major update for Silkroad Online brings the Battle Arena, a new PvP mode.

The Battle Arena offers special arena zones, including new zones like the Chinese Wall, and lets players choose one of four different modes: Party vs. Party, Guild vs. Guild, Job vs. Job, and Random Matching. Rewards include experience, Arena Coins, and rare gear.

A new in-game event called the Summer Ghost Hunt will let players explore the Dungeon of Catacomb through September 14th for rare rewards, including limited edition Ghost Pets. Special web contests will also be held through September 28th.

The HackShield system has also been improved, to implement more safety and anti-hacking measures for players.

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The Original Press Release:

Joymax Announces the Launch of Legend V Plus: Battle Arena for Silkroad Online

Latest Update for the Fantasy MMORPG Includes Large-Scale PvP Combat, Improved Connectivity, In-Game Events, and Web Events with Prizes

SEOUL, South Korea – Aug. 31, 2010

Joymax, a developer and publisher of interactive entertainment for the global market, today announced the launch of the Legend V Plus: Battle Arena update for fantasy MMORPG Silkroad Online. Beyond offering epic PvP clashes in the new Battle Arena, the Legend V Plus update also lets players power up items with the adaptable Socket System and avoid the August heat by hunting ghosts in the depths of the Dungeon of Catacomb. Whether you’re looking for dark adventures or hectic combat, the Silk Road is a great place to vacation!

The Battle Arena gives players a new way to interact with (and pulverize) other warriors, either alone or in teams, and features four different modes: Party vs. Party, Guild vs. Guild, Job vs. Job, and Random Matching. The Arena also features new zones like the Chinese Wall, an epic battleground based on the famous Great Wall of China. Players who are victorious in Battle Arena matches earn both experience and Arena Coins that can be traded in for rare gear.

To improve connectivity to the Silkroad Online servers and increase security against in-game cheating, Legend V Plus also introduces a new update to the game’s HackShield anti-cheat system. Combined with the appearance of the Statue of Justice, a powerful being dedicated to striking down illegal activities in the game’s towns, this update means the Silk Road has never been a safer place to travel.

One in-game event and four web events will also be taking place between Aug. 31 and Sept. 28. Summer Ghost Hunt, an in-game event, opens the way to the Dungeon of Catacomb through Sept. 14 and lets participating players delve the Catacomb’s depths, tracking down spirits for rewards that include very limited edition Ghost Pets. The web events occurring at the same time will reward players with prizes like brand new weapons, 500 Silk, and valuable real-world items that include an iPad!

For more information on the Legend V Plus: Battle Arena update for Silkroad Online, including the new cinematic trailer and the community events, please visit

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