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Silkroad Online launches four New Year events

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The Chinese New Year is about to begin, and Silkroad Online is launching four new events to celebrate, starting today.

Until March 15th, players can collect letters to spell out “Happy,” earning prizes and boosts for each time they manage to spell out the word; they will also receive the God’s Blessing buff once per hour with the blessing growing in power the longer they stayed logged in. Until February 21st, players will also be rewarded each day for logging in, and each weekend up through March 13th will offer double experience.

Silkroad Online is published by Joymax.

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Joymax Kicks off the New Year with Four Global Events for Silkroad Online

In-Game Events Offer Valuable Prizes, Powerful Buffs, Bonus EXP, and More

SEOUL – January 25, 2011
Joymax, an independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment for the global market, today announced that they are ringing in the New Year with a quartet of in-game events for Fantasy MMORPG Silkroad Online. From now through March 15, players will be able to earn valuable prizes and powerful buffs for everything from collecting letters to simply logging in. For more information about how to join in on the fun, visit the official home of Silkroad Online at

The four events kicking off this week include:
• Lucky Letter Collection: Jan 25 through March 15. If players are able to gather letters to spell out “happy,” they’ll win a variety of useful prizes and boosts.
• God’s Blessing: Jan 25 through March 15. The God’s Blessing buff will be bestowed upon players once an hour during this period, and the longer a user stays logged in the more blessing they’ll receive.
• Attendance Check: Jan 26 through Feb. 21. Simply for logging in, players will be rewarded with many different prizes.
• Weekend EXP: Jan 28 through March 13. During this period players will enjoy a 20% increase in EXP.

For more details about these events, as well as more information about the recent launch of the Legend VI: Forgotten World update for Silkroad Online, please visit

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