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Silkroad Online: Death Bone’s Secrets Revealed

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Joymax has revealed new secrets today behind the origin of “Death Bone,” a special boss event for Silkroad Online.

When Roc was a little bird his nest was stolen by his own family which caused him great remorse and almost led him to take his own life. To overcome the trauma, he studied dark magic, but little did he know that this would cause something more terrifying than death. Becoming the skeleton-like ‘Death Bone’ was not by his own choice. As Roc began to practice dark magic, his power gauge lost its maximum limit and rose higher and higher and all of his glowing feathers were lost in the process. The only way to actually see the mysterious Death Bone is to get to the Roc Mountain’s nest!

Roc Mountain will be upgraded, raising the entrance level limit of Death Bone’s appearance to levels 80-120. Players who obtain the “Key of Bloodline” from “So-Ok” and enter Roc Mountain can attempt to defeath this beast. Those who screenshot the monster and share it will get a chance at several cool prizes, and every player who uses the key between January 15 to January 29 will receive a Monster Summon Scroll. Lucky players who use the Key will also get Roc Insignia, a special strength and intelligence increase.

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