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Shroud of the Avatar Pushes Massive “Entropy” Update

Shroud of the Avatar has revealed a literal laundry list of patch notes for update 30, including a new focus on item entropy!

This update is part of the ongoing major overhaul to balance economic systems in the game to make crafting and trade a huge part of this roleplay heavy MMO experience. This timing is ideal to coincide with the arrival of the masterwork system which allows Smiths, Carpenters, and Tailors to add new abilities to items they create. This works exactly like the Enchanting we introduced for Alchemists in R29, although both of these systems now balance the power of the abilities added with reductions in durability. But those more into fightin’ over banging hammers to steel can be excited to see a new and improved iteration on Shroud of the Avatar’s targeting system.

Shroud Of The Avatar Female Avatar

Plus if you are just interested in the eye candy, update 30 introduces an overhaul of female avatars, akin to the recent male avatar overhaul. The new model show above is looking like a huge improvement over the previous presentation!

If you’re up for a slog through all the major changes hitting Shroud of the Avatar, check out the patch notes from the button below for the comprehensive list.

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