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Shotgun News 12/12: World of Darkness, Monster Madness Online, and Perfect World International

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CCP Announces Cuts World of Darkness Jobs

Yesterday it was announced that CCP had cut 15 jobs from their Atlanta office. These positions were eliminated after they evaluated World of Darkness’ game design. It doesn’t appear that anyone working on EVE or Dust 514 have been hit with this.

Monster Madness Online Announced

Nom Nom Games have announced their new Free to play Action RPG Shooter. It takes place in the Monster Madness universe and sees the return of four high school slackers who bash monsters. The full release is planned for May 2014, but players won’t have to wait that long. The pre-alpha is going on now and everyone is invited!

Perfect World International Announces Expansion Launch

Perfect World International’s next expansion, New Horizon will launch on December 18th. It will allow players to start their high level characters over from level one with the new Reawakening system. There will also be the War Avatar system which will allow players to collect cards from various instances to increase their character’s stats.

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