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Shot Online Golf: World Championship Announces First Update

Shot Online Golf - Major Update - image

The first major update for Shot Online Golf: World Championship has been announced, offering up extra thrills for golfers worldwide. Webzen is focusing on enhancing the user-friendly experience through developing user interface aspects. The rounding interface has been upgraded to give a more precise guide on the measurement of distance and changed the slow motion of the game by putting more dynamically when the ball reaches the area near the hole cup, to create more tension and drama. In addition, the Betting Challenge room saw a makeover, with the betting amount now clearly marked, and rating points have also increased to a maximum of 99,999 points, allowing users to accumulate far more points. For dedicated players who have faced every challenge SOGWC has offered so far, they can now move forward and unlock Chapter 15 and 16 of the Academy where they will meet Sabi and Daniel (NPC) for more difficult challenges and training.

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